Bag n Box

Un-Bottle the Experience!

Our “Exclusive” Boxed and bagged wines are now available to make in store at half the price of the liquor store offerings! Also, because of our selection, we can offer many more varietal and wine style options.

With the aid of our new Bag Filler, you can put all of you wine in 4l or 3l dispensing bags, in under 15 minutes. Or, you can mix in a few bottles if you like. It’s your choice!

  • Lighter & more compact. Ideal for Camping, Boating, RV’s.
  • Environmentally friendly – recyclable & less of a carbon footprint
  • Less of the extras – no need for shrink capsules, corks, or a corkscrew
  • Fresh up to 6 months in the bag

Ask us how we can help you save time and money with these new packaging options, or better yet, come visit us soon to see for yourself.